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Guía de implementación de Implementacion SharePoint y Office 2010


deployment guide

A partir de hoy existe un muy buen recursos en TechNet para todos los que trabajamos con SharePoint y es la guía de implementación de SharePoint 2010 la cual pueden encontrar aquí

En esta guía podrán encontrar recursos como el estudio de la consultora Forrester sobre el impacto económico total de SharePoint Server 2010, el cual les recomiendo ampliamente que lean.

Adicionalmente podrán encontrar recursos, documentos, videos y demás para planificar e implementar soluciones de SharePoint 2010 tales como:

TechNet Magazine: Get Ready to Upgrade to SharePoint 2010
It may be tempting to jump right into a SharePoint 2010 upgrade, but it requires a substantial amount of planning. This will guide you through the upgrade planning process.

Video: Installing SharePoint Server 2010
See how to install and configure Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and how to create your first Site Collection. [Video opens in your preferred player]

TechNet Magazine:The Fundamentals of Securing SharePoint Deployments
Even an inexperienced administrator can deploy SharePoint Server within a matter of hours. Chances are, though, that while the basic deployment would indeed be functional, it probably wouldn’t be configured for optimal security.

TechNet Magazine: SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services Integration inSharePoint 2010
The Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint is what truly drives the integration between SQL Server 2008 R2 and SharePoint Server 2010. See how to configure and use this service.

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