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Informacion Importante sobre el Service Pack 2 de Sharepoint Server 2007

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Les paso este comunicado enviado a los MVP de Sharepoint asi como publicado en el blog del equipo de Sharepoint sobre el bug encontrado a la hora de instalar el SP2 con el cual se activa una fecha de expiracion en el producto (cambia la licencia a Trial), esta fecha de activacion no afecta las funciones normales de Sharepoint ni los datos, configuraciones o aplicaciones ya presentes en cada aplicacion.
El equipo de Sharepoint se encuentra actualmente trabajando en un hotfix para resolver automaticamente este problema, adicionalmente hay un procedimiento manual que pueden revisar en la siguiente direccion (el link no se encuentra activo en este momento lo estara en las siguientes 48 horas).
Apenas se encuentre disponible el Hotfix realizare una actualizacion a este post.
A continuacion les dejo el comunicado oficial y FAQ hecho por el Product Team

Attention: Important Information on Service Pack 2

We take product quality seriously and make every effort to avoid and resolve issues that adversely impact our customers. Unfortunately, we have recently discovered a bug with Service Pack 2 (SP2) that affects all customers that have deployed it for SharePoint Server 2007.

During the installation of SP2, a product expiration date is improperly activated. This means SharePoint will expire as though it was a trial installation 180 days after SP2 is deployed. The activation of the expiration date will not affect the normal function of SharePoint up until the expiration date passes. Furthermore, product expiration 180 days after SP2 installation will not affect customer's data, configuration or application code but will render SharePoint inaccessible for end-users.

We are working to release a hotfix to automatically fix this issue. A manual work-around is currently available and involves customers re-entering their Product ID number (PID) on the Convert License Type page in Central Administration. For more information and detailed steps please read this KB article<>. (The KB link is not currently active, it will be available within the next 48hrs)

We want to assure our customers that this issue does not impact data integrity or their SharePoint deployment in any other way.

For your convenience, below are some answers to questions that you may have and we will update this blog post with a link to the hotfix as soon as it's available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause you.

Jeff Teper
Corporate Vice President


Which products are affected by this?
Applying Service Pack 2 to any of the following products will result in this issue: Office SharePoint Server 2007, Project Server 2007, Form Server 2007, Search Server 2008 and Search Server 2008 Express.
Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is not affected by this issue.

What can I do to fix it?
To work around this issue customers will need to re-enter their Product ID numbers (PID) on the Convert License Type page in Central Administration. Please see this KB article<> for detailed steps. (The KB link is not currently active, it will be available within the next 48hrs)

Customers can also wait for the hotfix (available for free from to resolve this issue.

Product ID numbers (PIDs) can be retrieved by logging into the Volume Licensing Service Center<>.

Note: For Search Server 2008 Express the only way to resolve this issue is to apply the hotfix.

What is Microsoft doing to fix it?
Microsoft is working on a hotfix and public update for the product. We will update this blog post with details and a link to the hotfix as soon as it is available.

Do I need to update all of the servers in my farm?
No. The Product ID number only needs to be entered once.

What if I haven't installed SP2 yet but want to? What should I do?
You can continue to plan for and install Service Pack 2 for SharePoint Server 2007 with the additional step of re-entering your Product ID number after the installation is complete by following the instructions in this KB article<>. (The KB link is not currently active, it will be available within the next 48hrs)

Does this issue impact anything else?
The issue only activates the product expiration date. The activation of the expiration date does not affect the normal function of SharePoint up until the expiration date passes, at which point SharePoint will be inaccessible for end-users. This issue does not affect customer's data, configuration or application code.

I can't find/don't know my original PID, where can I find it?
Product ID numbers (PIDs) can be retrieved by logging into the Volume Licensing Service Center<>.

jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Reunion de Mayo de la Comunidad Sharepoint Costa Rica

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Por este medio quiero enviarles la invitacion a la proxima reunion de la comunidad de SharePoint Costa Rica.

La reunion se estara realizando el dia 28 de mayo en el tercer piso de la Universidad Latina, en la sala de video conferencias, el siguiente es link para registrarse

A continuacion la agenda del evento:

6:20 p.m.6:40 p.m. Bienvenida
Conferencista: Administradores de la comunidad
6:40 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Introducción a la utilización de InfoPath con SharePoint.
Conferencista: Ernesto Von Storren
7:30 p.m. 7:40 p.m. Refrigerio
7:40 p.m.8:30 p.m. Instalacion de Sharepoint 2007 en Windows Server 2008
Conferencista: Carlos Obando y Eduardo Castro

Estaremos rifando varios premios en el evento.

Libros Gratuitos de Microsoft Press

Hola Amig@s

Ya estan disponibles los libros gratuitos del mes de mayo de Microsoft Press en su 25 aniversario, la promocion concluye el 27 de mayo asi que obtiene los tuyos HOY mismo.

Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Resource Kit, by Christa Anderson and Kristin L. Griffin with the Microsoft Presentation Hosted Desktop Virtualization Team

The Practical Guide to Defect Prevention
, by Marc McDonald, Robert Musson, and Ross Smith

Espero que estos libros les sean de Utilidad

lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009

Lista de Herramientas para Developers en Sharepoint

Desde el blog de mi gran amigo Hector Insua viene esta lista de herramientas muy utiles a la hora de desarrollar en Sharepoint junto con el link para descarga.

Saludos y ojala estas herramientas les sean de utilidad a todos los que desarrollan con Sharepoint

Anunciando Requerimientos de Sistema Preliminares para Sharepoint 2010

Hola Amigos

En el blog del equipo de Sharepoint se anuncio el dia de hoy algunos requerimientos de sistema preliminares para la nueva version de Sharepoint, esto para que podamos desde ahora planificar nuestro hardware para instalar Sharepoint 2010.
  • SharePoint Server 2010 sera solamente para 64 bits.
  • SharePoint Server 2010 se necesitara Windows Server 2008 64 Bits o Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bits.
  • Sharepoint Server 2010 se necesitara SQL Server 2008 64-Bits o SQL Server 2005 64-Bit.

Adicionalmente en el post se anuncian algunos detalles preliminares de la compatibildad de Browsers que tendra Sharepoint 2010. Se menciona que habra compatibilidad completa con los browser standard como Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.x. que corran sobre sistema operativo windows asi como una mayor compatibilidad con browsers como Firefox 3.x y Safari 3.x corriendo en sistemas operativos NO windows. Debido a lo anterior Sharepoint 2010 no tendra compatibilidad con Internet Explorer 6.0.

A continuacion les dejo el resto del post que es una seccion de Preguntas frecuentes sobre el tema:

So, what can you do today to get into the best shape for SharePoint Server 2010?

Start by ensuring new hardware is 64-bit. Deploying 64-bit is our current best practice recommendation for SharePoint 2007. Deploy Service Pack 2 and take a good look at the SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Checker that’s shipped as part of the update. The Upgrade Checker will scan your SharePoint Server 2007 deployment for many issues that could affect a future upgrade to SharePoint 2010.
Get to know Windows Server 2008 with SharePoint 2007, this post is a great starting point.
Consider your desktop browser strategy if you have large population of Internet Explorer 6 users. Continue to follow the Best Practices guidance for SharePoint Server 2007.
Keep an eye on this blog for updates and more details in the coming months. Below are a few common Q&A’s (which we’ll add to as required)

Q: What about Internet Explorer 6 and SharePoint 2010 publishing sites?

A: The Web Content Management features built into SharePoint 2010 will provide a deep level of control over the markup and styling of the reader experience. These features will enable customers to design pages that are compatible with additional browsers for viewing content, including Internet Explorer 6. A standards based browser such as Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.x will be required to author content.

Q: Is Internet Explorer 6 officially supported by Microsoft?

A: Official Microsoft Product Support for Internet Explorer 6 will expire in July 2010. You can find additional information on Microsoft’s Support Lifecycle Policy including specific dates, product information and support offerings here:

Q: Why are you only supporting the 64-bit versions of SQL Server 2005 or 2008 for SharePoint Server 2010?

A: This decision was based on our current test data for SharePoint Server 2010 and real world experience from customers running SharePoint Server 2007 with 32-bit SQL Server. SharePoint performance and scalability can benefit significantly from 64-bit SQL Server and the throughput increases are significant enough for us to make the difficult decision to only support SharePoint Server 2010 on 64-bit SQL Server 2005 or 2008. It has been our strong recommendation for some time that SharePoint Server 2007 customers take advantage of 64-bit SQL Server due to the inherent performance and scale benefits it can provide.

Saludos y como ven ya estamos mas cerca de Sharepoint 2010.

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

Ya esta Publicada

Hola Amigos

Ya se encuentra en linea nuestro proyecto en una version muy beta en la direccion, hemos estado trabajando bastante estos dias pero aun nos falta mas trabajo para tener el proyecto en un 100%
Aqui les paso una imagen actual del sitio

Hemos avanzado bastante desde que se conceptualizo la idea pero aun asi necesitamos aun apoyo de voluntarios que nos puedan ayudar en las siguiente areas:

  • Branding
  • Edicion de Contenido
  • Silverlight
  • Diseño Grafico

Cualquier interesado puede dejar un comentario en este post o escibir a mi email